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What is the best concealed carry gun? That depends on a number of factors including how you dress, the size of the person carrying the gun, and personal preference. There are many options to consider when choosing a handgun for everyday carry.

For example, a full size Glock or 1911 might not be the best choice for a women who wears a skirt to work everyday. She would be better off with something smaller that she can put in a purse or handbag. For someone who wears a suit and tie, the above option could be a perfectly suitable choice as a concealed carry gun.

Personally I think the smaller sub-compact pistols are too small for my large hands; It’s not comfortable to shoot. I think the compact mid-sized pistols are a good middle ground and are comfortable to carry.

The size of the round is also an important decision that you will have to make. I think it’s best to stick with standard calibers like the 9mm, .40, and .45 cal. Despite many haters, I have always been a big fan of the 9mm for the large magazine capacity and easy recoil management, but that’s just a personal preference. There is something to be said however when police and military around the world have chosen this round to be standard within their units.

So What is the Best Concealed Carry Gun?

In my opinion, the absolute best concealed carry gun that money can by is… (drum roll please)

best concealed carry gunThe Glock 19. I know, I know. It’s nothing special and it doesn’t look pretty but it’s simple, reliable, and effective which is everything that you want to have in a gunfight. I have carried this weapon all over the world from the streets of hometown, USA to the streets of Iraq and it has never once failed me.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of other great pistols out there that can do everything the Glock 19 can and more but with the Glock, you get the best package for the best price.

The Best Concealed Carry Gun For You – Resources:

When choosing a handgun for concealed carry it’s best to do your research and the best source I have come by is from Monderno. These guys wrote a 67 page ebook that covers everything form choosing a handgun to carry methods and holsters. I think they charge about 15 bucks for the book which is a little spendy but well worth it for the amount information that you get. You can read my full review on the book here.


If you’d like to read more about my concealed carry setup read my review of the Snagmag.

Freedom of Choice

Freedom of Choice

If there is one thing that I stand for more than anything else, it’s freedom of choice. I believe that every person has the right to do whatever they wish to do as long as they follow 2 fundamental laws.

These are not laws given by any government, they are simply built into every persons moral code at birth. The laws are as follows:

  1. Do all that you say you are going to do (follow through on contracts and agreements)
  2. Never aggress against any person or their property

It seems so simple, but everyday big government is trying to step in and tell us how to live. They create laws that limit our freedom to choose and take away our ability to think on our own. We have become a nation of big government and small brains.

 Freedom of Choice & Big Government

Today the United States has a federal agency for just about everything. Take for example the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Why do we need a federal agency like this? The free market is a much better solution to determine product quality. Currently, Consumer Product Safety is wasting over $115,000,000 per year of taxpayer dollars. What’s maddening is that they don’t make us any safer and don’t add any value to the market place. In fact, they make products more expensive to bring to market which means a higher costs for the consumer.

This of course is only one small example, we also have the Post Office losing money 9 to 5, Amtrak, TSA, Department of Education, The federal war on drugs, Department of Agriculture, and now Obama Care.

…And this isn’t the end. Government never gets smaller. It continues to grow like a virus until it eventually takes over and kills it’s host.

Freedom of Choice & Modern Day Politics

When will people realize that government in every form is completely evil, history has proven this to us. I have seen firsthand the inefficiencies of government in the military and on government contracts abroad.

Let me be clear, I am not left or right, liberal or conservative, I am simply a man who believes in personal liberty and freedom and that individuals should be independent and should have freedom of choice.

Liberals want social freedom but economic control while conservatives want economic freedom and social control. This mindset makes no sense to me, as long as I am not breaking one of the two fundamental laws NO ONE should have a right to tell me what to do. I believe in both social and economic freedom and decentralized controls. Every person should have the freedom of choice for what is best for themselves.

Freedom of Choice & The Future

Although the government is getting increasingly intrusive, I am optimistic. I believe that entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators will step forward and create massive opportunities for the market to grab hold of. The oil and gas boom going on in U.S. right now is a shining example of this. It might take a major depression to prove to people how much trouble we are in but we will rise up stronger than ever.


Are you worried about what our nations future might bring?

Make sure that you are prepared for any type of crisis that may come our way and be sure to read my full review on Alive After Crisis.



Click here for the FFL Kit

This is our FFL Kit review. For more information on the FFL Kit, click the link below:

FFL Kit – Official Site

Holding a Federal Firearms License (FFL) is a requirement for those who want to get a start in the firearms business. Many people struggle with figuring out how to get a federal firearms license. In order to obtain that license, you must use the help of a federal agency. There are many agencies out there and fflkit.com, which offers the FFL Kit, is one of them. It is one of the more well-known websites on the internet that will help you obtain your FFL. With so many agencies out there, some advertising expertise that they simply do not have, it can be difficult to find the best fit for you. The following FFL Kit review will hopefully assist in your decision and you can be on your way to applying for your FFL.

FFL Kit Review – What Is It?

The FFL Kit contains everything you need to quickly apply for your FFL. It includes very thorough instructions and all of the required forms needed when sending in your application. Also, the FFL Kit never becomes outdated as the information is updated on a yearly basis. There is also a ‘members only’ section of the website, which you are able to access upon purchase. For further support after purchase, you also gain access to their support centre if you need further information on how to get a federal firearms license. There are two FFL Kit packages to choose from – the Basic and Ultimate packages in order to suit specific needs.

FFL Kit Review – What I Like

First of all, it is a good sign that fflkit.com has been in business for over 16 years. One of the major benefits of the FFL Kit is the ‘members only’ area that you gain access to after purchasing the kit. Also, the kit almost holds your hand through the application process. It includes thorough instructions for those who are overwhelmed with how to get a federal firearms license and has every form that you will need in order to apply. Included in both packages, the FFL Kit also includes a bonus exclusive secret wholesalers list – which you can imagine has tremendous value.

FFL Kit Review – What I Didn’t Like

There aren’t too many negative things to say about the FFL Kit. The only drawbacks I can find is that the backend, or ‘members only’ area of the website isn’t very visually appealing. The design is fairly outdated, but let’s face it, members are simply trying to obtain their FFL and a visually appealing website probably isn’t their first priority. Not only is the website design not very appealing to the eye, but the interface on the software that is included also isn’t very user-friendly and feels a little outdated. Again, for those who purchase the FFL Kit, this most likely isn’t a deciding factor on whether or not they will purchase the FFL Kit.

FFL Kit Review – Overall Thoughts

Considering all of the low-quality agencies offering help with how to get a federal firearms license, the FFL Kit definitely seems like a legitimate product. Many companies out there also don’t have packages that compare to the FFL Kit which is extremely thorough and comprehensive. If by chance you’re denied your FFL license after purchasing the kit, they offer a 150% money-back guarantee. By using the kit, the time it takes to process your application dramatically decreases, which is important for those who want to quickly begin dealing firearms. Also, with the current government administration in office, who knows where things might be headed. It may prove to be far more difficult in the near future to obtain your FFL. It is important to apply as soon as possible and hopefully those who have an FFL will be grandfathered and the licenses will remain valid. If you would like to get started and quickly receive your FFL, purchase your FFL Kit today. It is quite common to receive an approval on your application in as little as four weeks!

Click here to buy the FFL Kit, today!

Click here for Alive After Crisis

alive after crisis

alive after crisis

This is our Alive After Crisis review, the book written by survival expert Richard Marshall. This 5-module book was created for people who are concerned about their safety or survival during any type of crisis. If you’re looking for any type of family survival system, click the link below for more information on Alive After Crisis.

Alive After Crisis – Official Site

 Alive After Crisis Review – What Is It?

Would you survive the looming crisis? It’s true that most Americans today don’t see light at the end of the tunnel. They may not be sure why but they are definitely feeling the affects of our destructive government. Wages are going down while taxes are going up, inflation is on the rise and will soon be out of control. Americans are getting poorer and they don’t understand why. It’s only a matter of time until everything careens out of control and disaster strikes.

…And then what? Will you be prepared?

Alive After Crisis addresses the issues of emergency preparedness and family readiness for all types of unthinkable chaos. Are you prepared for the next Katrina or Sandy? What about a terrorist attack like 9/11 or worse yet, a governmental collapse or martial law.

Alive After Crisis Review – What I Like

I believe that a crisis is inevitable and it’s coming sooner than we think. I also think that the looming crisis will be far more disastrous than anything we’ve ever experienced before in America.

But this will affect more than just Americans. I believe we are approaching a global financial crisis and it all boils down to the U.S. dollar $. People are loosing faith in the mighty dollar as the Federal Reserve Bank continues to print away your wealth, your savings, your retirement accounts to the tune of $85 Billion per MONTH!

You heard that right. That’s $85 billion here this month that wasn’t here last month. Literally printed out of thin air. This makes the money you have now, worth less.

It’s simple economics really. The money supply goes up, the value of the currency goes down. Supply and demand.

So in short, what I like about Alive After Crisis is that it teaches you the essential skills that you need to survive. I wouldn’t consider myself a “prepper” but I definitely like being prepared and self-sufficient and so should you

Here is just a short list of some the things will learn in Alive After Crisis:

  • Multiple drills and exercises to practice with your family
  • A detailed home protection plan
    • Learn how to turn your home into a bunker and have the most impenetrable house in your area.
  • You will learn essential self defense secrets to fend off attackers
  • Emergency preparedness checklists

Alive After Crisis Review – What I Didn’t Like

This is just a personal thing for me but I like to have physical copies of my books and this only comes in digital format.

Alive After Crisis Review – Overall thoughts

Watch the controversial Alive After Crisis Video by clicking here.

I can only hope that more people will empower themselves with this lifesaving knowledge. This survival training book will make you a subject matter expert expert on how not to become the victim, the easy target. To stay Alive After Crisis you need to know these emergency essentials.

Click here to buy Alive After Crisis


The Bulletproof Mind

The Bulletproof Mind

Click Here for The Bulletproof Mind

This is a review for The Bulletproof Mind featuring Lt. Col Dave Grossman, author of the books “On Killing” and “On Combat”. Retired from the U.S. Army, Lt. Col. Grossman is a subject matter expert on the psychology of killing which he calls “killology”

The Bulletproof Mind – Official Site

The Bulletproof Mind is a 5 disc dvd set that covers all aspects of the combat mindset. Grossman uses his analogy on sheep wolves and sheepdogs to describe the society in which we live. The sheep are everyday citizens that are harmless but productive beings in our society. The wolves are those that feed off the sheep and are merciless to their prey, these are the individuals and institutions that threaten the sheep’s way of life (think violent criminals and big governments).

…And then there is the sheepdog. These are the protectors of the flock and are readily willing and able to confront the wolves. These are the warriors. The individuals embrace a combat mindset, The Bulletproof Mind!

The Bulletproof Mind – What is it?

The Bulletproof Mind is a mental survival course. You will learn the truth about violence in America and what it takes to stop that threat when it comes looking for you. You will also learn how an untrained mind reacts to violence and how you can be trained to respond in the correct manner. In this DVD series you will also get some immediate action drills that could save your life or your families lives in a high threat situation.

The Bulletproof Mind – What I like

What I like most about The Bulletproof Mind is that Lt. Col. Dave Grossman who is very well known and respected in the industry teaches it. I know his books, I know his mindset, and I agree with everything he says wholeheartedly.

The Bulletproof Mind – What I didn’t like

It would have been nice to have the option of getting the videos in digital format instead of DVD. I suppose this is a minor complaint since I can just upload the videos from the DVD’s to my computer.

The Bulletproof Mind – Overall Thoughts

I believe that The Bulletproof Mind should be required for anybody who cares about their personal and family safety as well as their rights as citizens. As sheepdogs, we need to be able to stand up in the face of danger to take immediate and corrective action. As citizens, and especially as gun owners we not only have the right to protect ourselves but we have the obligation to know how. As gun owners we need to be technically and tactically proficient with our weapons systems but this type of training only goes so far. We also need to alter our mindsets and understand how our mental subconscious mind reacts to stressful fight or flight situations. You need to have the animal instinct to survive. You may not have the luxury of hesitation; mental preparedness is key. This is eye opening stuff! Click here to watch the movie trailer.

Click here to buy The Bulletproof Mind 5 DVD set

The Food Crisis

The Food Crisis

Click here for The Food Crisis

This is our The Food Crisis review. For more information on The Food Crisis, click the link below:

The Food Crisis – Official Site

Did you know that more than 90% of the population is not prepared for the food crisis? When this crisis happens, there will be essential items that will vanish from the shelves of our stores. There will be many people who end up struggling, empty-handed – and you don’t want to be one of those people. When it comes to being in risky situations, being educated is one of the ways to survive. That is why it is important to educate yourself on the food crisis which will soon enough, hit America.

The Food Crisis Review – What Is It?

The Food Crisis package includes all of the essential information needed in order to sustain yourself and your family during the inevitable food crisis. The guides that are included in this package are, the Food Crisis Survival Guide, Off Grid Power Back Up, Survival Gardening and DIY Water Purification. These guides show you in detail how to do anything from purifying your own water, to creating your own power backup that is off the grid.

The Food Crisis Review – What I Like

All of the information included in these guides is essential to surviving a food crisis. However, many products stop at offering information on the key foods needed in order to survive. These guides go beyond that and show you how to survive the food crisis after you have run out of survival food. Learning survival gardening is the only way to sustain life during the food crisis. The gardening guide includes beginner-friendly plans that don’t require much maintenance, yet still manages to provide you with fresh fruits and vegetables for the long-term. Also, water is a key component to a food crisis survival. The fact that instructions on how to create your own water purification system are included in this package indicates that this is a high-quality, thorough survival product.

The Food Crisis Review – What I Don’t Like

One of the downsides to this product is the fact that the three additional bonus guides are only included in the package for a limited time. In my opinion, all of these guides are essential to surviving the food crisis. It will be very disappointing once these bonus products are offered at separately at individually listed prices.

The Food Crisis Review – Overall Thoughts

It’s quite common that people don’t buy into survival gear and training to prepare for a crisis. There are many potential crises, but the food crisis is inevitable and the most real. The food crisis isn’t a prediction like 2012 being the end of the world. It is backed by real facts and figures. In the event of a global disaster, people will flock to store shelves and empty them in their entirety. The good news is, you can prepare yourself right now by purchasing the Food Crisis Package, today. It is never too early to start preparing for the inevitable.

After review the testimonials, this product has received nothing but positive feedback. That is why the creators of this product are confident enough to provide a 60-day 100% money back guarantee. This product is not available offline and again the 3 additional bonus guides will only be offered for a limited time.

Prepare yourself and your loved ones for the food crisis which is inevitable.

Click here to buy The Food Crisis

Click here for “Sold Out After Crisis”

This is our Sold Out After Crisis Review. For more information on Sold Out After Crisis, click the link below.

Sold Out After Crisis – Official Site

Sold Out After Crisis

Sold Out After Crisis

What would be the first items to be sold out after crisis? Don’t you think that it would be to your benefit to know these 37 critical items?

The way things are these days, survival should always be at the forefront of your mind. Governments are collapsing beneath their citizens and are doing everything they can to hang on to their power. Governments will strip you of your God given rights and freedoms without even blinking an eye. they will steal from you, and they will make you a criminal if you don’t abide be their rules. They don’t have your best interest in mind, politicians only care about pushing their own personal agenda. They don’t care about your family.

YOU are the victim and YOU will lose, if you are not prepared.

Self sufficiency is key, and this sold out after crisis review is going to tell you all about it.

Sold Out After Crisis Review – What Is It?

According to Sold Out After Crisis, there are 5 unstoppable triggers pushing our country to the brink of disaster. They are as follows:

  1. It is easier than ever for threats to cross our borders
  2. Tensions between North korea, Iran, Syria, and pretty much the rest of the middle eastern world (nuclear threat)
  3. Government controls / civil liberty lockdown- stripping us of our civil liberties (gun control, patriot act, entitlements)
  4. Solar flares (I know nothing about this)
  5. Mother nature has gone haywire – massive storms, floods, hurricanes (Katrina, Irene, Sandy, etc.)

So in light of all this information it is important now more than ever to be prepared for whatever is coming next. What are you going to do when the grocery store shelves are empty? You need to start stockpiling food now to prepare for that fateful day, it will be one less thing that you have to worry about.

Did you know that the department of homeland security is stockpiling more supplies than ever? It’s true, and you should be stockpiling too. What’s scarier is that the Department of Homeland Security has purchased more ammo than you can even imagine. And it’s supposedly for domestic purposes!

Sold Out After Crisis Review – What I Like

I think that stockpiling food is one of the smartest decisions that anyone can make. Grocery stores only carry a 3-4 day supply of food and in this book you will learn the 37 food items sold out after a crisis. This stockpiling blueprint could save your family from disaster. I’d love to tell you what the 37 items are but it wouldn’t be right for me to give away all the juicy details, the author deserves to be compensated for his work.

I’m not a huge survivalist or prepper but if you think about it, practically every animal in nature requires 3 things to survive. Food, water, and shelter. Humans of course, are no different so make sure your ass is good to go!

To sweaten the deal, Sold Out after Crisis is offering a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Sold Out After Crisis Review – What I Didn’t Like

Sold Our After Crisis is a physical product, which is great! I love physical products, I read a lot of books on my Ipad but I enjoy reading physical books too. The only problem is that Sold Out After Crisis is not a physical book, it’s a digital book that is mailed to you on a CD. WTF? This obviously made my Sold Out After Crisis Review much more difficult. Read on…

This seriously didn’t make any sense to me, why not just email it to me instead making me wait a week for it to come in the mail. This was frustrating for me because it wasn’t clear when I made the purchase. In fact, I think it was misleading. They actually want to charge you an extra $17 for “instant access” to the digital version. This is bad business if you ask me. I was away from home on an extended deployment when I made this purchase so of course I upgraded for the “instant access” to the exact same content that came to my mail box on the other side of the globe. What a joke!

I will say however, that the content of the product and all the bonuses that come with it were actually very good.

Sold Out After Crisis Review – Overall Thoughts

Like I said, the content in Sold Out After Crisis is top notch need to know stuff and I would recommend it to anyone. You can get it by clicking here.

Just keep in mind what I said about it earlier. It is a digital product but it cannot be downloaded without paying extra. If the instant access isn’t really that important to you then just wait for the CD to come in the mail and then copy the files to whatever device you like to read on (Ipad, Kindle, Nook, PC, etc.).

That’s it for my Sold Out After Crisis Review, I hope it helps with your purchasing decision.

Click Here To Buy “Sold Out After Crisis”

EMP Survival Guide

EMP Survival Guide

Click here for the EMP Survival Guide

This is our EMP Survival Guide review. For more information on the EMP Survival Guide, click the link below:

EMP Survival Guide – Official Site

This digitized collection of content, the EMP Survival Guide,  contains detailed information that is backed by research that educates people on EMP and the threat it poses to 280 million Americans, as predicted by Timothy Naegele. In the EMP Survival Guide you will find overwhelming amounts of information, including which countries have EMP weapons, and how you should go about protecting yourself if there does happen to be an EMP attack on American soil.

EMP Survival Guide Review – What Is It?

This digitalized collection contains many guides on ways to prepare yourself for an EMP attack. One of the guides included in the EMP Survival Guide is information and instructions on how to establish an EMP Survival Garden. The goal of this garden is to provide you with fresh fruits and vegetables in the event of an EMP attack. Another guide included in the EMP Survival Guide collection is a list of 37 foods that are absolutely essential to survive if there happens to be an EMP attack. In addition to these guides, you will also be provided with information on turning contaminated water into clean, drinkable water and 10 devices that are resistant to and EMP attack.

EMP Survival Guide Review – What I Like

There is a difference between terrorist EMP attacks and solar storm EMPs. The EMP Survival Guide goes over these differences and shows you what the government is hiding. Also, EMPs break all electronic devices. Building a Faraday box is one way of (if not the only way) to safeguard your electronics from an EMP attack. The EMP Survival Guide teaches you how to build a Faraday box successfully. With so many theories circling on the topic of EMP attacks, it’s hard to figure out which theories are correct. This guide makes sure to include only the most respected theories.

EMP Survival Guide Review – What I Didn’t Like

There is only one thing that I would have added to the EMP Survival Guide. The guide goes into a lot of detail on how to prepare for an EMP attack and information on what to do after. It goes over how to sustain food and water. All of the essentials, pretty much. However, what the EMP Survival Guide could improve on is creating more of an image of what life would be like without electronics. It is touched on briefly, but I feel that an extremely clear picture of the devastation that an EMP attack poses needs to be incorporated in order for people to see the seriousness of an EMP attack.

EMP Survival Guide – Overall Thoughts

With the EMP Survival Guide you’re not only protecting yourself, but you’re protecting your family as well. What makes this product so special is that it includes information that the government doesn’t want you to know. Knowing what is going on behind closed doors is the only way to prepare yourself for survival. After reading the EMP Survival Guide, it is guarantee you will want to put these guides into action to protect yourself and your family. This is also extremely urgent – it isn’t known exactly when an EMP attack might happen, but it is imminent, possibly coming in weeks, months, or the coming year. That is why it is imperative that you purchase the EMP Survival Guide, today!

Again, the EMP Survival Guide includes many other guides that are beneficial to your survival during a post-EMP attack. The bonus guides included are the 37 Food Items Sold Out After Crisis, Survive Water Crisis, Survival Gardening and the 10 Devices to Withstand an EMP Attack. All of that is included in your purchase – it even comes with a 60-day 100% money back guarantee! The information discussed in this book might prove to be the difference between whether you survive and EMP attack, or if you succumb to the lack of technology devastations.

Click here to buy the EMP Survival Guide

Click Here to Get Started With Your Gold IRA Investing

Gold IRA investing has not always been available to most Americans. Typically we are forced into a few basic mutual funds by our employers that rarely, if ever outpace the market. What’s worse is that these plans are loaded with hefty fees that you probably don’t eve know your paying. Even when you lose money in the market, you still have to pay these fees which are often 2% or higher annually.

Gold IRA Investing

Gold IRA Investing

Today we have more options that allow us not only to pull away from the mutual funds, but also gives protection from economic instability. Gold IRA investing allows you to have an emergency preparedness plan to hedge yourself against any type of economic crisis. Precious metals like gold are a real tangible asset that have real value. Rest assured that gold will never go to zero, it has stood the test of time and will continue to do so.

Fortunately today, Americans have the choice to do a gold IRA rollover with Regal Assets.

Gold IRA Investing With Regal Assets

Gold IRA Investing – Get Started

Gold IRA Investing – What’s It All About?

Most people have some type of retirement account which is usually setup through their employer. Typically with these types of plans you have a very limited selection of funds that you can invest in. But what most people don’t know is that they can do a gold IRA rollover. Basically these means you can rollover the funds you have within your current account to another self-directed account that allows you to invest in physical gold bullion.

Gold IRA Investing – Why Do It?

We can all see the writing on the wall, the dollar is going to zero and there is nothing anyone can do about it. History always repeats itself, any fiat currency that has ever been initiated has always eventually failed. The dollar is no different, we are experiencing the slow death of another failed monetary system.

You’ve probably felt the effects of the dying dollar already. Have you noticed that everything is gradually getting more expensive? Been to the grocery store lately? In the last decade the price of gasoline has gone up roughly 400%. Has your income increased 400%? I bet not.

…And this is in the midst of the biggest oil boom in history where techonolical advances and efficencies have increased drastically. Simple economics tells us that the price of oil should go down as we become more efficienct at extracting it, but it hasn’t. Why?

It’s not becuase of the so called “greedy” oil companies as many would think. Nope. You can thank your mighty government for that. They are silently printing away your wealth while Americans stand by and wonder, “what happened”?

To sum it up, you want to get out of dollars and into hard assets. Gold IRA investing is the perfect inflation hedge and will insure that politicians and beaurocrats won’t have control over your wealth.

Gold IRA Investing – Things To Consider

The U.S. Government does have a history of confiscating private gold supplies and making gold ownership illegal. This was during the great depression era and everyone was forced to hand over their gold to the government for the public good (or so they said).

There are ways to protect yourself from this type of government action however. All you need to do is keep a portion (or all) of your gold on foriegn soil. It’s actually best to diversify your assets across multiple countries if you can. This is suprisingly easy to do and doesn’t require any travel or knowledge of host country laws. Contact Regal Assets for details on this.

Gold IRA Investing – How To Get Started

The best way to get started with Gold IRA Investing is to contact Regal Assets. You can request a complimentary gold IRA Investing kit to get started. Within the free gold kit you will receive a DVD documentary describing the federal reserve bank, inflation, and the disasterous effects that it can have on your investment portfolio. This is a good place to start, it allows new precious metals investors to learn what it’s all about before fully comitting.

Click Here To Request Your Free Gold IRA Investing Kit!

Building A Chicken Coop

Building A Chicken Coop

Click here for Building a Chicken Coop

This is our Building a Chicken Coop review. For more information on Building a Chicken Coop, click the link below:

Building a Chicken Coop – Official Site

Having a backyard chicken coop certainly has many benefits and is becoming increasingly popular. More and more people are looking into building a chicken coop to save money and to have the convenience of eggs being produced in their own backyards. The possibility of having a chicken coop in your backyard is now more attainable than ever if you follow the Building a Chicken Coop guide, which is beginner-friendly. Your chicken coop can be any size and when following this guide you will notice that it takes all budgets into consideration.

Building a Chicken Coop Review – What Is It?

If you’re looking to house up to 50 chickens in your backyard but don’t know how to accommodate them, the Building a Chicken Coop guide is exactly what you’re looking for. In this guide you will learn how to build a chicken coop on a budget, whether it be a small, portable chicken coop, or even a large, two-storey chicken coop. Building a Chicken Coop provides you with not only how-to information and tips, but it also includes what tools and materials you will need – all of which are very basic. Most tools included in the guide can be found in the average household.

Building a Chicken Coop Review – What I Like

Building a Chicken Coop is definitely beginner-friendly. Many people get overwhelmed with the idea of building something, but by following this guide that is simply not the case. One of the most attractive features of this guide are its ready-made, step-by-step plans, which are coordinated by color for ease of use. Another great thing about Building a Chicken Coop is that the plans require tools that most people already have in their toolbox.  Whereas with many other building guides, the required tools are more specialized, forcing readers to go out and purchase more tools and equipment. The point here is to save money, not spend more! On top of all that, the guide also incorporates tips unrelated to the actual building of the chicken coop, such as choosing the best breed of chicken for your particular climate, how to nurture baby chicks to increase the longevity of your chickens and even lists some of the foods to avoid feeding your chickens.

Building a Chicken Coop – What I Don’t Like

One of the downsides to Building a Chicken Coop (which might not even be considered a downside at all) is the fact that there aren’t more plans! With such attractive and easy to follow plans, one could only want more. It would also be interesting to see a plan included in the guide that takes into account those that might want to house more than 50 chickens. Although that might be uncommon, those with large properties and who are possibly looking into selling some eggs locally might want to consider building a large chicken coop. Other than that, Building a Chicken Coop really isn’t missing any necessary information.

Building a Chicken Coop – Overall Thoughts

It’s also important to note that when you purchase Building a Chicken Coop, you’re provided instant, free and downloadable content related to organic gardening in addition to the guide – a $176 value! For increased sense of security, you will also be provided with a 60-day 100% money back guarantee. At this point there’s absolutely nothing to lose – purchase Building a Chicken Coop, today!

With the price of food increasing and the inhumane ways in which chickens are treated, you will be both saving money and taking a stand against animal cruelty. The Building a Chicken Coop plans offer the chickens a safe and clean environment for them to nurture and grow. You won’t have to worry about the conditions that your eggs were in and you will also be avoiding antibiotics that are so commonly used in the chicken farming industry.

Click here to purchase Building a Chicken Coop

Ammo Independence

Ammo Independence

Click here for Ammo Independence

This is our Ammo Independence review. For more information on Independence Ammo, click the link below:

Ammo Independence – Official Site

If you’re a gun owner, or even a gun enthusiast, you’re surely aware that the cost of ammunition has been on the rise for quite some time. Many states are implementing massive taxes on the sale of ammunition and it is only showing signs of rising. In order to stand up to anti-gun lobbyists, you should claim your ammo independence immediately. By claiming your ammo independence, you’re not only standing up to left-wing government and its supporters, but you will be saving yourself large amounts of money in the process. To establish your ammo independence you will have to learn the operation of reloading, which is what the Ammo Independence report is all about.

Ammo Independence Review – What Is It?

Ammo Independence: The Shooter’s Guide to Reloading is a detailed report showing those looking to save money on ammunition the exact ways to go about reloading or reusing ammunition. This digital publication is a 32-page report that provides clear instructions on how to reload ammunition and claims that anyone can learn how to do so. Ammo Independence not only includes instructions, but it even provides a buyers’ guide so that you buy the right equipment. With so much equipment out there this is a valuable piece of information and ensures that you will be getting the best bang for your buck.

Ammo Independence Review – What I Like?

Ammo Independence literally includes everything you need to know in order to learn how to reload ammo. The best part is that it is very beginner-friendly, which is rare to find such beginner-friendly content written by seasoned gun enthusiasts.  Ammo Independence noticeable places an emphasis on safety, which is obviously of extreme importance whenever dealing with guns and ammunition. It includes a list of cartridges that should always be avoided when reloading, which is so important to a beginner who might not know the differences between cartridges. To gain your trust, Ammo Independence also offers a 60-day 100% money back guarantee, which is always an added bonus in case you are ever not satisfied.

Ammo Independence Review – What I Didn’t Like

One of the downsides to Ammo Independence is that you don’t get a physical, tangible book. It is a 32-page report that comes in a PDF format and you have the option to print it off. Also, there might be some people that don’t have access to a PDF reader, such as Adobe which might make it a little more difficult to obtain the content. However, this is how the book can be sold for such a competitive price. Also, in this day and age the majority of people have printers and PDF readers, making Ammo Independence fairly easy to access.

Independence Ammo Review – Overall Thoughts

Gun owners and enthusiasts like yourself are surely becoming more and more frustrated with the lack of ammunition on the shelves. Not only that, but the tax on ammunition in some states absolutely astronomical. When you learn how to reload ammunition with Ammo Independence, you will have access to your own ammunition inventory at all times and the money saved will be remarkable. The more you continue to purchase ammunition, the more you are feeding the anti-gun lobbyists. That’s why you should get started today and purchase the 32-page report, Ammo Independence.

There are many products and pieces of equipment out there that claim to show and/or help you reload your ammo. People waste tons of money investing in these products only to find out that they don’t live up to their claims. The author of Ammo Independence has tried virtually all products and equipment so that you don’t have to. The report simply and clearly lays out what works and what doesn’t, which will save you both time and money. His trial and errors have paved the way in creating a perfect step-by-step guide to show exactly how to reload ammunition.

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